253: Building Healthier Relationships And Stronger Bonds with Jola Jovani

woman smiling to the cameraAll relationships require nurturing and attention to thrive.While it's crucial to pursue individual interests and goals, carving out time for our relationships enriches our lives in many ways. When we prioritize meaningful interactions, we remind ourselves of what truly matters and experience a sense of joy and fulfillment.

Jola Jovani, a dedicated personal and relationship coach, is committed to helping individuals enhance self-love and improve their connections with others. Recognizing that love is a powerful force, she emphasizes the importance of cultivating skills for sustaining healthy relationships.


  • 1:16 The drive behind Jola's coaching
  • 4:08 Keys to a healthy relationship
  • 6:02 Couples' common issues
  • 12:41 Communication hurdles
  • 24:13 Breaking relationship patterns
  • 27:37 Can people change?
  • 31:37 Finding the right partner
  • 37:01 Conflict resolution
  • 39:54 Making compromises
  • 41:54 Traits of a resilient relationship
  • 43:36 Building stronger bonds
  • 45:43 Check-in ideas
  • 47:21 Final message
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