34: Building a Cause-Based Business w/ Cora Co-Founder Molly Hayward

How can you build a business based around a cause you’re passionate about? Guest Molly Hayward co-founded Cora, the premium organic tampon company sharing menstrual products to those in need. This episode is for the social entrepreneurial spirit in you.

In this episode we explore:
  • 1:58 – Molly’s journey to social entrepreneurship
  • 6:00 – The story behind Cora
  • 11:30 – Developing Cora’s business model
  • 14:24 – Why Cora is successful: An authentic mission
  • 17:21 – Biggest lesson from the past year: Take care of your own needs.
  • 20:54 – Advice for aspiring social entrepreneurs
Show Notes:
  • When you feel good and you’re thriving in and of yourself, that radiates out into everything you’re doing.
  • Follow the thread of what you’re most passionate about.
  • If you have an idea and you have a solution, just go for it.
  • I truly believe that if you are passionate and you have a vision for something, that the universe conspires to bring you what you need.

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