37: How to Jumpstart a Freelance Career w/ Writer Lily Herman

Make people want to say “YES!” to you by creating so much that they can’t say no. Today’s guest, Lily Herman, is a freelance writer who has worked with publications like Teen Vogue, Glamour, Time, Cosmopolitan, and many more. Whether your craft is writing, design, or photography, this episode will teach you how to start and grow your freelance career.

In this episode we explore:
  • 1:02 – Lily's aspirations to be President of the United States
  • 3:44 – Transitioning from politics to writing
  • 6:34 – Lily's motivation to pursue writing
  • 7:30 – First experiences in writing + co-founding The Prospect
  • 11:12 – Thoughts on how to become a writer – “You just need to write a lot.”
  • 14:01 – Lily's motivation to keep pursuing writing opportunities
  • 15:16 – The biggest struggle in Lily's career
  • 17:19 – How Lily balances productivity with pride with each piece of writing
  • 18:45 – A day in the life of a freelance writer
  • 22:33 – Advice for aspiring freelancers and writers – Write a lot, don't limit yourself, and know your worth.
  • I'm just gonna have so much stuff that no one can say no to me.
  • If I have one piece go downhill…it's not going to be the thing people are going to remember me for.
  • You can always negotiate and ask for more.
  • Know your worth.

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