89: About Songwriting, My Boyfriend, & Learning to Love Unconditionally

It's the Season 3 finale of the Lavendaire Lifestyle Podcast! In this episode, I share exciting things coming for Lavendaire, insights on my relationship with my boyfriend that I've never shared with you all before, and a first listen of my new song about love.

In this episode we explore:

1:12 – What's new for Season 4 of the podcast
2:55 – Updates on the 2019 Artist of Life Workbook & the new Daily Planner!
3:24 – Re-discovering my creativity + getting back into songwriting
6:58 – My 11 Year Anniversary: Introducing Wilson!
8:52 – Relationship lessons about health, patience, and unconditional love
18:24 – Sneak peek into my new song based on my relationship
21:46 – BTS: Breaking down the meaning of my lyrics

Show notes:
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