living for yourself & not others // living a life you’re proud of

I'm back with a chatty GRWM – let's talk about how to live for yourself & not others! Living for yourself means living the life that YOU want for yourself, regardless of the opinions of others.

Living for others means living to please others, living for external validation & approval, and caring about what others think.

I believe that a lot of us start out life learning to live for our parent's approval and the approval of those around us—our peers, teachers, etc. This comes out of our desire for love. We seek love and acceptance from others and that's totally understandable. Eventually though, we must learn to love ourselves, and find within us the love, approval, validation and confidence we've been yearning for. Thus begins the journey of discovering internal validation (self validation) over external.

Where are you in this journey to learning to live for yourself? What constitutes a life you're proud of?

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