Living My Dream Life Now

Aileen Haleakala

In a culture where we're always striving for “more success, more money, more ______,” I've been “wanting” pretty often.

For so long I've been striving to create the life that I want—holding that big picture over my head and looking to the stars to my dream life. It's dazzling and wondrous. And it's always just out of reach.

“What else do I need to do? How do I level up? How do I get there?

“There,” we feel, is that point in life where we can finally start living. 

Do you find yourself telling yourself that? “I'll be happy once I have ______” or “I can relax once I get to______.”

We find ourselves wanting more and looking to the future, because what we have now is never enough.

Well, what about now? Now is the only moment we ever have. If our eyes are always on “there,” then “now” will always feel like a means to an end—we're not giving “now” the proper attention and respect.

So in the midst of “wanting,” I stopped myself and asked: at the heart of it, what am I really chasing? What qualities make up my dream life?

“I want to live a full and fun life, where I can work from anywhere and travel when I want, where my income is not a set salary but comes in multiple streams of abundance. I also want to express my creativity and connect with people globally, where I'm making a positive impact on peoples' lives.”

That was a wake up call. “Um, hello? Look around!” I realized I already have those things, not in the ideal quantities or quality, but I have them, nonetheless. Sure, I may not be where I want to be, but the foundation is there. My dream life qualities are just peeking through.

Where had I been this entire time? While my mind was busy “wanting,” I had been so fixated on the future that I forgot to look at how far I've already come, what I have already cultivated in my life, what I have nowI realized that with just a shift in thinking, I am already living my dream life now.

I work from home and I can generally travel when I want, given I manage my time to get things done. I have multiple streams of income where the potential is infinite (OK, these streams are just trickling now but the potential is there!). I have a platform where I get to express my creativity and connect with people globally. (Thank you all, I really appreciate all of you whom I cross paths with—for your comments, your emails, and your simple yet important presence.) And most days, I'm blessed to be able to get enough sleep and to make time for personal wellness: writing, meditating, eating healthy, exercising.

What more could I want?

It turns out, I am not lacking at all. Any more “want” is just the ego talking. The ego will “want” endlessly because she will never be satisfied. But this is not about her, this is about me. When I bring myself back to the present, I realize that I am already complete, I am already whole.

I am living my dream life now. And the best part? It's only beginning.

(Note: This was written as a personal reminder to myself at this point of my journey. It relates to those whom are living a life they love, but have that buggy, impatient, and ceaseless “ego” wanting, keeping us from being happy and in love with what we already have in the present. If you don't feel that you're on the path to your dream life, I encourage you to do something about it! :))

How much do you really know about yourself?

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