1: Be Stronger Than Your Fears, Bolder Than Your Insecurities

Welcome to the first episode of The Lavendaire Lifestyle! In this new podcast, I will be diving deeper into my personal life stories, and sharing all the lessons that I've learned and wisdom I've gained about creating your dream life. New episodes will be released every Sunday.

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I'm so excited to be sharing more about myself through this new platform. I think you'll find that my YouTube videos and blogs barely scratch the surface compared to the content I'll be sharing in my podcast. I'm still working on my storytelling & speaking skills, so I know I have a lot to learn in the journey to come. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts on the podcast and things you'd like me to talk about!

LL 001: Be Stronger Than Your Fears, Bolder Than Your Insecurities

In the first episode of The Lavendaire Lifestyle, Aileen shares her story on how she started posting singing cover videos on YouTube in secret, and how she eventually overcame her fears of performing in front of her close friends and family. Inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert's take on fear and creativity, Aileen encourages budding artists of life to be stronger than their fears, bolder than their insecurities.

Music: Bohkeh – Kissing Faded (ft. Timid Soul)

Android / non-iPhone friends! I'm going to be uploading my podcasts on Soundcloud so you can listen to them there as well. You can follow the playlist here.

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