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Hi all! Today's video is a real treat: How to Look Better in 2015! Because we all want to look good, right? Actually, it's not all about looks; it's about how you look and what you look at. Perspective and mindfulness. Yum. Now that's attractive.

This is actually a tag video started by ShannonSays; shoutout to Jazz from Life By Jazz for tagging me! The point is to share five ways to look better in 2015 and be more mindful and aware of what matters in our lives. I had so much fun filming this video, and I'm really happy with my topics—this is a solid set of my truest values right now and I hope that you all can relate. 

Without further adieu, here are my 5 Ways to Look Better in 2015!

1. Look at what you’re reading & watching

Look at what media you consume, through your social media newsfeeds, blogs, articles, books, TV, YouTube, mobile apps, etc.  Evaluate whether the information that you absorb on a daily basis is actually valuable and helpful, or if it's simply noise or clutter. A lot of the time, we let useless information steal our precious time. It's time to start cutting out the noise and paying attention to only what matters and what's really valuable to our lives.

2. Look at what you’re eating

Look at what you're putting into your body. Be nice. This year I'm shifting to a healthier diet and lifestyle because I want to treat my body well. I'm incorporating more fruits & veggies and making an effort to make green juice or smoothies in the mornings. Recently, I watched a documentary called Forks Over Knives which opened my eyes to the endless benefits of a whole foods, plant-based diet. It's so important to nourish your body in a positive, healthy way—you'll feel so much better and have the energy to really thrive.

3. Look at your habits

Habits are the building blocks to your lifestyle, so choose them wisely. Habits, both negative and positive, multiply and strengthen over time to make a huge difference in your life. This year I'm building more positive habits into my lifestyle and working to release the negative ones. My key daily habits are: write morning pages, meditate, exercise/move my body, and read 10 pages of a book before bed.

4. Look at your words

Your words—in the form of thoughts or in communication with others—are powerful and can affect more than you imagine. It's important that we take responsibility for our words because they can influence others. Make sure your words are positive and respectful, and not negative (“Don't criticize, condemn, or complain” as Dale Carnegie put it in How to Win Friends and Influence People). In the book The Four Agreements, the author emphasizes that the first agreement is to “Always be impeccable with your word.” This can have a significant impact on your life if you take it to heart.

5. Look at how you view others

Do you ever find yourself comparing yourself to others? Whether you wish you had someone's life or you're glad you aren't in someone else's shoes, you have to remember that you are no better or worse than anybody else in this world. We are all unique, with our own unique lives and unique paths—we're incomparable. Furthermore, we are all equally as awesome in our own way. Try to not compare yourself to others, and also try not to judge others, because you can never really know someone and what their life is really like. What's important is to learn to respect and appreciate everyone for exactly who they are.

Alright! Now it's your turn: How do you want to look better this year? Comment below for a shoutout in my next video.

Cheers to looking better together in 2015!

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