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I’ve been reading A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson all month, and it’s been so healing and inspiring. I had gotten too caught up with chasing goals and ambitions in January that I started to feel scatterbrained, like there was a piece of the puzzle that was missing. This book literally brought me back to love, and reminded me to put love first, because love should always be our first priority.

Here’s the idea that can make your world more beautiful:

“Be a living expression of love”

We already are a living expressions of love; we just don’t always choose to express that love within us. We’re conditioned to hide it or hold it back to protect ourselves. But we want to choose love over fear, and tap into our power to bring love back into the world.

All it is is a shift in perception

  1.  To put love first.

  2. To express love in all that you think, say, and do.

When you put love first, you’re choosing to see the world through the eyes of love, which immediately makes your world more beautiful. You see the good, the positivity & the hope, rather than focusing on the fear and negativity. You see the good in people and how perfect they already are, rather than focusing on their human flaws. As you choose to see the love in the world, you start to find it everywhere, and notice all the miracles happening every day.

As I’m shifting my perception to love, I’ve noticed examples of love in places that I normally would take for granted: a great conversation at dinner, laughing with my cousins, simple acts from people that show they care, etc.

When you express love in all that you think, say and do, you are contributing to the world in the best way. Love can be expressed in so many forms: it’s compassion, kindness, helping, supporting and uplifting others, giving, serving, being genuine and authentic, loving yourself & being confident, or doing things that make your soul happy like singing, dancing, playing sports, anything… When you think, speak, and act out of love over fear, you affect the people and environment around you in a positive way, making the world around you more beautiful.

The world genuinely needs more love—and I know we all have a lot to give. So be a living expression of love, and you will make your world and the world around you more beautiful.

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