Manifesting & Trust | Dream Life Series #6

Let's talk about manifesting, the law of attraction, and trusting the universe. Join the Dream Life Series and start working on today's “scripting” journal prompt to help you manifest your desires.

While you are taking action towards your dreams, the universe will support you in making that happen, by bringing you opportunities that you could never have planned. Today I'm sharing tips on how to manifest and use the law of attraction! If you're curious to learn more, check out the resources linked below.

Resources on law of attraction & manifesting

Quantum physics, double slit experiment, observer effect

^ an analogy of the weirdness that happens in quantum physics (superposition), that something can exist in multiple states until an observer looks and thus “collapses” it into one state. That nothing is “real” until it is observed by consciousness.

I took 2 years of IB Physics in high school and that's where I first learned about the weirdness of quantum physics lol. I love it so much though bc it flips our perception of reality and implies something more.


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