Mental Health in the Coronavirus Pandemic | COVID-19

How to stay positive & take care of your mental health during these uncertain times. Whether you're feeling fear, anxiety or panic because of the pandemic, here are some thoughts to help you find inner peace, calm, love and hope.

Stay strong, stay safe & stay HEALTHY. We're all in this together. Love you. 💞


  • 2:42 – the most important mindset & outlook to have during this pandemic
  • 4:04 – how to ease your fear, anxiety & worries
  • 5:58 – cleansing your energy & finding inner calm: tips & practices
  • 10:09 – lesson: we're all interconnected
  • 11:07 – the important role you play in this community
  • 12:17 – our power & opportunity to create a better society
  • 13:24 – the silver liner & grand purpose
  • 15:43 – hope & inspiring reminders for dark times

Coronavirus COVID-19 info

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