My Camera Setup for YouTube + Advice for Creators

All about my camera setup & equipment, how I film my videos, and advice I have for creators.

I use both Canon & Sony at the moment and I love both for different reasons! Hear my reviews on these cameras and why I think these are the best cameras for my YouTube setup & vlogging.

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My setup

cameras + lenses [1:08]

audio [5:05]

lighting [6:21]

tripods [7:14]

advice for creators [9:36]

  • getting over fear/shyness [10:17]
  • QVCA [13:12]
  • mindset: patience & perseverance [15:16]
  • how do I grow my channel? [16:30]
  • find joy in creating [18:30]
  • highs & lows [19:18]
  • finding inspiration [21:14]

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