My First Puppy! – Meet Togi (mini goldendoodle)

togi mini goldendoodle puppy

I got my first puppy! Here's a vlog of Togi's first week at home. He's so precious but also a rascal too. I'm so happy you guys could share this experience with me! If you've seen my monthly review videos, you know that I've been searching for + manifesting a puppy. And now he's really here! ✨

If you guys have followed me for a while, you've noticed I've mentioned a dog, Coco. Coco is actually Wilson's family dog, but I was with him since they got her as a puppy, so I felt like she was almost my dog.

Togi is my first puppy of my own! He's a multigen mini goldendoodle, and he's expected to be around 25 lbs full grown 🙂

He's also Cancer puppy, so he's sensitive, emotional, and dramatic. If you guys know astrology, my Chiron is in Cancer. As a Cancer puppy, Togi's teaching me so many lessons about motherhood, about accepting sensitive, emotional children and giving them love.

The name “Togi” is inspired by Togepi, because earlier this pandemic, I was playing Pokemon. Togepi evolves into Togekiss at the end, and he was one of my favorite Pokemon and I nicknamed that Pokemon “Togi”. And then when I found out about Togi’s litter of puppies, I literally stayed up at night in the beginning, just thinking about names and Togi just sounded the best to me.

Info about Togi

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