How to Organize Your Closet the KonMari Way

Organizing Closet KonMari

Since I finished reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, I've been seriously inspired to tidy up my home and my life. Kondo advocates to tidy by category, the first being Clothes. After deciding which pieces to keep and discarding the rest, the fun process of organizing begins. Today, I'm sharing tips from the book on how to organize your closet the KonMari way.

Organize Your Closet the KonMari Way

Tip #1 | Fold and store your clothes vertically
Tip #2 | Hang up clothes that look happier when hung up
Tip #3 | Organize your closet to rise to the right
Tip #4 | Remove all labels and packaging from clothes
Tip #5 | Utilize shoeboxes for storage in drawers
Tip #6 | Store bags in bags
Tip #7 | Store everything in one place

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