My Personal Journey So Far

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Sharing my personal life journey to follow up my recent vlog on taking your biggest risks while you're young. Senior year of college was when I started the real journey to discovering myself, my purpose, and my honest goals in life. I'm still very much at the beginning of this journey in creating myself and the life that I've imagined, but I hope this video can shine some light on your path as well. I hope to share my journey and empower you all to take risks and create the lives you've imagined for yourself. Because why would you settle for anything less than what you want? Good luck 🙂

0:40 – The beginning / searching / struggling (College)
2:15 – Taking a risk after graduation
2:38 – Overcoming societal pressures
2:55 – My values, what matters to me
3:21 – The first steps: where do I start? Music + hosting + side projects
3:53 – Working as a spokesperson/host/producer ⇾ amazing opportunities
5:13 – Music journey: writing & producing my first album, performing around LA & NY
6:01 – My failures, the roller coaster ride
6:22 – Recap: Taking risks, putting yourself out there, the journey is worth it
7:17 – My big goal + dream in life
7:55 – The core of Lavendaire

How much do you really know about yourself?

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