Plan With Me: July + Half Year Review (Interactive)

Plan for July & do a half year review! This is my interactive monthly planning series where we reflect on the past month and plan our monthly goals, helping you stay organized and accountable.

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June Review

  1. Describe June in one word.
  2. What were your highlights from the month of June?
  3. What is one thing that you're proud of?
  4. What is one thing you've learned?
  5. How can you improve for next month?

July Planning:

  1. July will be __.
  2. What are your top three goals for July?
  3. What are your mini-goals (habits or fun activities) for July?
  4. Break your goals down on a weekly basis.
  5. Put it all in your calendar!

Half Year Review:

  1. List and celebrate all the wins you're proud of from the first half of the year.
  2. How has your life evolved over the past year? What have you learned?
  3. List everything you're grateful for in the first half of the year.
  4. Where do you want to direct your energy and focus for the second half of the year?



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