Being Present

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This video is inspired by a journey entry I wrote while traveling in Asia. Thought it'd be nice to put the words to clips from my travels to Taipei and Seoul. Hope you guys enjoy. Be alive, vibrant, and well!


During my travels, I've made it a point to be more engaged in the present moment.

I feel like being fully present is something that we all too often forget to do. We often drift off into either the past or the future, contemplating our past or being anxious and impatient about what the future holds.

We also enjoy getting distracted by technology and social media. (I mean, How many times have you been out to dinner where everybody is on their phones?)

It’s like we’re here but not really. Our bodies are here, but our minds are elsewhere.

Let us remember how much the present matters. It’s the only moment we have control over, the only moment we can shape through our immediate actions and choices. The past is dead and the future is yet to be born. But the present is alive, and it deserves our full attention.

More and more, I’m trying to fully live in the present. To make sure that I am engaged and giving myself 100% to the people I’m with, the places I’m in, or the situation at hand.

This has really helped me appreciate my surroundings and who I'm with, rather than being on my phone or thinking about something other than the now.

I tell myself: THIS moment is the most important, because I actually have control over what happens here depending on the actions I take or choices I make.. I can choose to soak in this moment and enjoy it fully. Or to do something in this moment that takes me forward and makes me better. I can shape my life, starting with this exact moment in time, and that is so empowering.

So instead of focusing elsewhere, give yourself to the present. Appreciate what’s in front of you and make the most out of what you can. Be ALIVE, vibrant, and well.


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