Q&A: mindset, blogging, handling stress, meditation


My first Q&A video! Talking about how to keep a positive & relaxed mindset, my self-improvement journey, advice on starting a blog, how to handle stress without affecting your work, and meditation.

I feel like we could dive deeper into all of these questions. Please chime in with your answers if you have anything to add!

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▸ how to keep a positive & relaxed mindset | 0:28
▸ how my spiritual/self-improvement journey started | 1:24
▸ advice on starting a blog | 2:37
▸ how to handle stress | 3:54
▸ meditation | 5:50

{ resources }
my personal journey video
▸ blog: wordpress (free)
Bluehost: purchase a domain + web hosting, w/ easy wordpress install
▸ book: Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen

Send all your Q's to my twitter @lavendaire with #AskLavi

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