Self-Care: How to Feel Refreshed & Amazing

Here are my self-care tips for feeling refreshed and amazing again, including using new products from Pantene that detox and refresh my hair. Thanks Pantene for sponsoring this video! Buy two Pantene Charcoal Collection products at Target and receive a $5 gift card.

We all get stressed out, tired or unmotivated at times. Here's a reminder to prioritize self care and turn it into a consistent routine. You can reverse engineer how you feel. Ask yourself: “What makes me feel AMAZING?” Then make it a point to do those things more often. This is just my list of what makes me feel refreshed and amazing. What was your favorite self care idea from this video?

🌝 Drink water
🌝 Stretch / Do Yoga
🌝 Have a nice shower or bath
🌝 Dress confidently
🌝 Take a walk in nature
🌝 Eat healthy: whole, plant-based foods
🌝 Listen to good music
🌝 Clear your mind by journaling or meditating
🌝 Organize and declutter your space
🌝 Relax in your own way & be present

BTW I had a lot of fun filming this video. I def put more effort into this one – I filmed it over three days and edited it over three days. I love cinematography and I'm working on getting better!

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