how to have more compassion for yourself 💓

When we learn to have more self compassion & self love, we’ll then have more compassion for others, and the world will be a more loving place.

Thanks BetterHelp for sponsoring this video! Get 10% off your first month of BetterHelp: Hope you enjoyed this self love girl talk sesh 💓 How can you be more compassionate with yourself?  


0:26 – intro: self compassion
0:52 – keep love as your compass
2:43 – good people can still project negative energy
3:19 – people are mirrors
3:59 – moving forward with love & compassion
5:54 – define: self compassion
7:11 – how to be more compassionate with ourselves
8:23 – my inspiration for this video
11:34 – ex: two diff approaches
14:54 – healing self worth, perfectionism, & “not good enough”
18:50 – staying authentic & true to myself
21:39 – follow your curiosity
22:55 – wrap up: the energy of love

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