Self Love Journaling Prompts

Happy Valentine's Day my lovelies!! 💗 Here are some self love journaling prompts to celebrate the amazingness that is YOU! Treat yourself to some extra love & self care today because you deserve it. You are worthy and you are whole. I love you for you and wish you all the best!

As mentioned in the video, check out the full FB video: Self Love Exercise + Q&A ft. Kajal Pandey.

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Self Love Journaling Prompts

💗 10 things I love about myself are…
💗 Write a love letter to yourself (via future me)
💗 “…but I love myself anyway” (full video)
💗 What am I excited to do today?
💗 How can I give myself extra care today?
💗 What can I do to protect my energy?

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