How to Build an Ideal Skincare Routine | Skincare Tips ft. Liah Yoo

Let's talk skincare! Liah Yoo is a skincare expert, YouTuber, and founder of Krave Beauty. Today she's sharing her tips & advice on how to build your ideal skincare routine, starting with the core essentials and explaining the variety of supplementary products out there for acne prone skin, anti-aging, skin brightening, exfoliating and more!

Find out where most of our skin problems stem from, and the truth about getting clear skin.

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  • 0:46 – Liah's skincare journey
  • 2:21 – Liah's skincare tips
  • 4:29 – core essentials
  • 5:18 – supplementary products
    • for acne prone skin (linoleic acid)
    • vitamin A (retinol)
    • vitamin B3 (niacinamide)
    • vitamin C
    • ascorbic acid
  • 8:10 – chemical exfoliants (AHA & BHA)
  • 10:22 – how to reapply sunscreen
  • 11:58 – your skin barrier


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