a slow morning to reset my life | self care routine

A slow self care morning for my mental health. I've been feeling overwhelmed, with puppy mom life and work getting busier. Today I decided to give myself much needed time for self care habits and mindfulness practices. Not my typical morning routine, but a much needed reset.

World Mental Health Day is on 10/10, and I want to remind you all to take care of yourself and give yourself what you need! Be kind to yourself. Find joy in the little things. You're doing great, love.

In a year of uncertainty and chaos, it's in these simple everyday things where we can find peace and safety.

We can focus on the small things in our life that we can control, and always remember that our inner peace is in our own hands, not the hands of others. It's with this mindset and perspective that I've been able to find peace and calm.

Sending you all so much love in your life and strength to get through whatever you're going through right now.

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