How to Slow Down Time

[How to Slow Down Time]

We've all been there—we've caught ourselves saying things like “time flies” or “where did all the time go?” We let time slip away too easily sometimes. So if you'd like to learn how to slow down time a bit, here's some knowledge on the science of time perception.

Time is perceived by our brains. Our brains are constantly processing information that which is around us: what we see, hear, smell, touch. The general idea: our brain takes longer to process new things. So when you're constantly doing the same things everyday, then your brain processes it faster and in less detail because it is already familiar with it. When this happens, the time will feel shorter and you won't be able to remember the details as clearly. It's kind of like your brain is on autopilot in familiar or repetitive situations. But when you encounter new experiences, your brain is surprised and takes longer to process the moment and also processes it in more detail. In hindsight, those new experiences are more memorable and feel longer in terms of time, because your brain took longer to process it and also paid attention to more details.

Knowing this, if you want to savor your time and slow it down, you just have to expose your brain to new things:

1. Learn new things
2. Try new things
3. Visit new places
4. Meet new people
5. Be spontaneous

So let's not take time for granted. Try to throw more curveballs at your brain by introducing it to new experiences. You will live a more interesting and full life because of it.

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