Solo Traveling + Changing My Life

I'm solo traveling for the first time! I'll be traveling alone for a few weeks, taking time for self care, healing and finding space to gain clarity on where to take my life next. This will be a life-changing experience, I already know.

Today I'm talking about changing my life, receiving “the call,” synchronicities, astrogeography, why I chose Bali and what I plan to do there. I hope this encourages you to listen to the call within. Whatever your heart is pulling you to do, to listen and have the courage to go do it.

I'll be posting vlogs of my travels & all the insights I've gained. You can also follow my IG for more immediate updates.


P.S. It was a complete surprise that I got to fly on the Hello Kitty plane!! I was obsessed. If you want to fly it too, it's the flight from Taipei to Bali on Eva Air. (ie: book a flight on Eva Air with a layover in Taipei!)

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