Taipei Food: Best Taiwanese Breakfast

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{ top row: sweet soy milk | chinese donut wrapped in green onion toasted bun }
{ bottom row: salted soy milk | sweet bun | green onion toasted bun with egg }

If you follow me on Instagram or saw my recent video, you'll know that I'm traveling in Taipei! ^_^ I've been vlogging most of the trip so far (to be posted on my YT channel), and in the meantime am posting lots of Tastemade videos of my food adventures and travels. I thought I would start posting the Tastemade videos here so you all can see what I'm up to through these video bites.

Our first stop was 阜杭豆漿, considered by many the best (or at least the most popular) Taiwanese breakfast spot in Taipei. We got there around 9am on Friday and the line was already so long that it wrapped down the stairs and out around the corner of the building. The restaurant is in a food court, so the service was very fast and seating plentiful. We probably waited about 45 minutes in line. The photo above says it all – except for one bun that I forgot to put in the photo (we'll call it the invisible bun). Also, aside from the soy milks, those names are made up by me and are in no relation to their real Chinese names. I call them what I want, because I had the bun woman order for me and I don't know the names for anything.

100, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, Section 1, Zhongxiao East Rd, 108號2F
MRT: Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

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