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Recently, I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and it changed my life. Since Kondo released the English version of her book this past fall, the NYT best-selling book has sold over 2 millions copies, and KonMari has become a worldwide phenomenon. After learning about the KonMari method—which claims that you only need to tidy your home in ONE dramatic swoop, and then never have to do it again—I knew I had to try it out for myself.

Today I am kicking off a Spring Cleaning series with a post on the KonMari method, from discarding to tidying by category to designating a place for every thing.

How to Tidy the KonMari Way

1. Start by discarding.
2. Tidy by category, not location. Lay it all out.
3. Tidy in the right order.
4. Thank your things as you discard.
5. Designate a space for everything.

I've created a downloadable Tidying Checklist PDF to help you keep track of your tidying journey. Click here to download the PDF.

Tidying Checklist

There's so much more to this book. I really hope you all get a chance to read it. Nonetheless, I'm going to be sharing more of my tidying journey in the weeks to come. Stay tuned! xx

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