What I Eat in a Day (Asian) 🍲Cook with me!

What I eat in a day… A lot of you have asked and so I'm sharing for the curious ones! Is this considered healthy? I think it's not bad, but I realize it's a lot of carbs haha! I'm trying to eat vegetarian most of the time. Generally I love Asian food and am learning to cook more Asian meals at home! Noodles, soups, tofu, kimbap, congee, etc. Because of my Ayurvedic dosha (Vata, the cold, dry air type), I try to eat mostly warm, moist foods and less cold, dry foods like salads or chips.

I'll share some recipes below, but FYI I don't follow exact recipes. I usually eyeball a recipe I find online then go off in my own direction. Cooking is a fun way for me to be creative and play with tastes 😸


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