23 Habits of Highly Successful People

What do the most successful people in the world have in common? More than you think! Success is a mindset, a practice, and a culmination of habits. Here are 23 habits of highly successful and happy people.

This list is inspired by self help & business books, articles, and interviews I've had with successful people I know. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

23 habits of highly successful people | lavendaire

23 habits of highly successful people

  1. take full responsibility for their life
  2. prioritize & do the most important tasks first
  3. create their own morning routine
  4. daily meditation or mindfulness practice
  5. make health & exercise a priority
  6. read & learn continuously
  7. discipline & self control
  8. consistency
  9. follow through with what they say
  10. persistence & perseverance
  11. not afraid to fail
  12. hone their craft daily & sharpen the saw
  13. self awareness
  14. gratitude
  15. have a support system
  16. surround themselves with like-minded achievers
  17. goal-oriented
  18. proactive & takes initiative
  19. manage their emotions
  20. communicate clearly
  21. good listener
  22. value alone time
  23. love the journey more than the result

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