7 Easy Ways to Meditate More

We all know that meditation is good for us. The hardest part though, is getting started and staying consistent with meditation. Here are some tips for beginners to help you build your meditation practice!

Meditation Tips for Beginners:

  1. Start small. Try doing 10 breaths at a time. Then try meditating 2-5 minutes at a time and increase from there.
  2. Meditate anytime during your day. Don’t feel limited to mornings/evenings.
  3. Use mantras & affirmations to help you focus during meditation
  4. Meditate on the go while driving, cooking, cleaning, showering, walking, etc. Use every activity as a meditation & mindfulness practice!
  5. Listen to binaural beats
  6. Listen to soothing meditation music
  7. Try guided meditations

Resources Mentioned

Let these ideas inspire you to meditate daily! What are your tips on meditation for beginners?

Sidenote: A couple technical difficulties in this video! Quick passing clouds (constant change in lighting) and my mic's battery died in the middle without me realizing it! I had to put new batteries in and start where I thought I left off. Lol hope it wasn't too distracting. Motto: Done is better than perfect.

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