Advice on Starting a YouTube Channel & Blog | Q&A


Today I'm sharing tips on how to start and grow a successful youtube channel & blog, as well as my creative process in filming, planning, and editing videos.

// Q&A: Content Creator Series
My Camera Setup for YouTube
▸ How to Start a Blog (Technical) | coming soon
▸ How to Start a Podcast | coming soon

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0:54 – Advice for beginner content creators
2:15 – How to pick a name / Why I chose the name Lavendaire
9:41 – My creative process: weekly structure
10:36 – How much time on filming + editing
11:26 – How do I come up with content ideas
13:04 – My list of content ideas + content calendar
15:05 – Promoting your content within YouTube
17:42 – Promoting your content outside of YouTube (social media, forums, blogs, collaborations, guest posting)

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