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I’ve been dreaming up this series for a very long time… What does it mean to be an artist of life?

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The artist of life owns her power to envision and create her dream life.

To her, life is an art—it’s the ultimate form of self expression. With this freedom, she sets out to create a life that’s unique to her, one that she absolutely loves.

She starts with what she is given—her gifts, talents, skills, network, and resources—and creates from there. Thus begins her journey of exploring, growing, making mistakes, healing and learning to love.

She may not always know where she's going or what she's doing, but she lets her heart and intuition lead. She knows that uncertainty and risk are just part of the creative process.

This creative journey is a dance between the artist and a divine guide. As her life unfolds, so does her masterpiece. One stroke leads to another, and the painting comes to life.

Written & Edited by Aileen Xu

Filmed by:
Christian Soriano
John Enriquez
Angela Nguyen

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