Do you feel pretty?


Embrace yourself. Make the extra effort to feel pretty every day. To be beautiful on the inside and out, because you can.

Had a lot of fun making this video. Hope you enjoy it.

// Inspired by Mimi Ikonn
Why you should always dress your best

I know this video focuses on feeling pretty from the outside but we all know how important it is to feel pretty from the inside (self love/confidence). They're not mutually exclusive 🙂

// relevant resources

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Podcast: Interview w/ Self Love Coach Kajal Pandey (** MUST listen. my favorite podcast episode to date!)

My point is, self love & confidence is SO important. But it can take time to develop that deep, loving relationship with yourself. Starting to feel pretty from the outside (dressing nice, wearing makeup, showering, whatever it is that makes you feel great) is another angle/tactic to help spark that confidence. It can help you “fake it til you make it” — to LOOK confident and put together on the outside to help you develop that true confidence on the inside.

How much do you really know about yourself?

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