Dream Life Update: Where I Am Now

A chatty life update on my dream life journey, where I am now and what I've learned lately. I'm so grateful for all that I've learned and all the confidence I've gained over the years. Here's to more years of growth and evolution. Love you all 💕

Apologies for the audio issue! The SD card in my mic was full and I didn't realize it stopped recording midway. I felt like my response was real and authentic, so I didn't want to redo it (I wouldn't even know how anyway lol). Now you can hear the difference a mic makes! HA! The creaking sound from the camera audio is from the lens refocusing. Also, I live on a really loud street so sorry for the car noises in my videos!! As much as I love this apartment, I have to move out after the lease is up to a quieter neighborhood bc you can't get away from the traffic noise here.

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