Europe Travel Diary 04 | Rome, Italy


Oh, Roma! What an epic city.

I want to highlight this interesting chain of events… First, Judith broke her camera so we ran around Rome trying to find a camera repair shop. That led us to meeting Luce who suggested his favorite places to visit in Rome, which led us to Trastevere at night, where we ended up having the MOST fun night out of the trip. The downside, I fell and twisted my ankle that night, and had to stay in to rest the next morning. The upside, I got to hang out with our Airbnb host Frederic, a musician/composer, and share music. It was so nice to connect through music and I'm so grateful for moments like these where I feel so universally human.

This chain of events really showed me that everything happens for a reason, there are no accidents, and events themselves aren't inherently “good” or “bad” — they just happen. Everything is connected. It is all beautiful.

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