Healing on an emotional, mental, physical level 😭

Sharing my healing journey: what I've been doing lately to heal from burnout, anxiety, low energy & motivation, unprocessed emotions from childhood, allllll of that.

0:37 – Healing happens in phases
1:09 – What & why I'm healing
2:55 – Healing in the mind (therapy)
6:04 – Healing in the body
6:15 – Storytime: How the universe led me to holistic healing
9:06 – Who is Ilchi Lee
10:39 – Our body's ideal energy state
15:03 – Healing class I'm taking w/ Wilson
20:25 – Some changes & effects we've noticed
21:10 – My physical symptoms during healing & where/why I'm blocked
24:27 – Showing my symptoms after healing/releasing old emotions
25:27 – Reflection after an emotional inner child healing session

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