How to Find Motivation in Life & Live to Your Fullest Potential

Breaking down some ways to find motivation in life again and start living to your fullest potential. The breakthrough concept I talk about at the end came from unpacking the layers of what makes us unmotivated, lazy and uninspired in life. What are the deeper reasons we choose not to step into our full potential? What holds us back from being truly great?

Reasons we don’t try our best:

  • It’s hard, it takes effort. It’s easier, safer, more comfortable to do enough to get by.
  • It’s scary. We’re afraid of failure or disappointment.
  • We’ve lost hope or don’t fully believe in ourselves. Maybe you’ve tried towards a goal many times before and disappointed yourself over & over again — it puts you down and makes you afraid to try again. It makes you think it’s not worth trying because what would be different this time?

Another way to say this: we’re protecting ourselves from failure, disappointment and pain.

That’s when we get tired, lazy and unmotivated. That’s when we’re not living up to our fullest potential.

It’s easy to play small. It’s easy to settle. The hard choice is to step up and give it your all. To fall seven times and get back up eight.

Remember that you're here to shine your unique light in this world. Have hope. Keep going. Rest and be gentle with yourself if you need to, but never forget how powerful and capable you are.

This video is part 3 to my thoughts from these previous videos:

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