How to Heal Your Energy | 10 Exercises for Holistic Healing ☀️

Introducing an energy principle for holistic health according to Eastern wellness. I'm sharing the concept of how to heal & rebalance your energy, as well as 10 beginner exercises you can do at home to create a “water up fire down” state. These exercise routines come from a practice involving tai chi, qigong, yoga and energy healing.

These teachings are based off the book: Water Up Fire Down by Ilchi Lee

0:00 Intro: how to heal your energy
0:40 About: Water Up Fire Down
4:47 Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic Nervous Systems
6:27 Moving from reactive to proactive about health
9:05 Exercise
9:08 Deep breathing into your abdomen
9:14 Dahnjon tapping
9:38 Belly button healing
10:53 Solar plexus tapping
11:33 Solar plexus healing
12:11 Rolling back exercise & plow pose
12:42 Hip bouncing
13:19 Knee bouncing
13:39 Toe tapping
14:04 Sleeping tiger
14:46 Savasana relaxation

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