How to Meditate (w/ Mudras)

how to meditate

Meditation is a practice that can benefit your health and wellness in so many ways. I’ve been trying to meditate more lately, so I was inspired to make a basic how to meditate video focusing on creating beautiful visuals.

Do you meditate? I’m curious to know why you meditate and how it’s affected your life 🙂

Special thanks to my girl Linda Suh for contributing her ideas & expertise to this video! Follow her beautiful soul at |

Mudras (hand poses)


Palms up to receive


Palms down for grounding


Cosmic Mudra / Dhyana Mudra: This mudra provides calming energy for deep contemplation and reflection. It’s useful for increasing self awareness.


Gyan Mudra: This mudra generates knowledge, wisdom, creativity and calmness. You can face your palms up to receive or down to feel more grounded.


Shuni Mudra: This mudra symbolizes patience and discipline, and helps generate a feeling of stability.


Surya Ravi Mudra: This mudra represents energy and health, and provides a feeling of self confidence and balance.


Buddhi Mudra: This mudra symbolizes communication and openness. It can help strengthen your intuition and feeling.

Meditation Resources

Zenfriend – meditation timer
Headspace – guided meditations

Benefits of meditation

Mudras (hand poses):

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