105: Manifesting Your Desired Reality w/ Kimberley Wenya


If manifestation and
the law of attraction has ever seemed too “woo” for you, this is your
sign to think again and keep an open mind. Today's guest, Kimberley Wenya, is a
manifestation and spiritual mindset coach who wants to bridge the gap between
the “woo woo” and modern girl spirituality. Manifestation starts
simply with being aware of your energy and thoughts, then deciding which
thoughts you want to lead your life.

Aileen and Kimberley
explore how manifestation is actually working whether you know it or not, what
to do when it seems like manifestation just isn't working out, and how to
remain high vibe even in challenging times.

In this episode we

  • 1:41 – Manifestation: How your thoughts and energy create everything in your life
  • 4:52 – What it means when manifestation doesn't seem to be ‘working' for you
  • 7:26 – How Kimberley got her start as a manifestation and spiritual mindset coach
  • 13:46 – Manifestation success story: How Kimberley scripted her dream apartment into her life
  • 19:27 – How to level up your money mindset and feel abundant (even if you don't have money)
  • 21:41 – Behind the scenes of the KW business: Creating courses from a place of love
  • 26:24 – Kimberley's morning routine for high vibe days and energetic alignment
  • 30:45 – How to stay spiritually connected and in alignment when the universe puts you in low vibe situations
  • 33:11 – Kimberley's secret to success: Building a 6-figure business while studying full-time
  • 35:35 – Q&A: Kimberley's dream life, recommendations, life-changing habit, best received advice & favorite part about life


Show notes:


  • When I choose the loving option, I am manifesting my desired reality.
  • What you see in your mind's eye is what the universe will reflect back to you.
  • When you feel good, that's an indicator that you're in alignment with creating the reality that you desire to have.

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