108: Zero Waste Cooking & Low Impact Living w/ Max La Manna


Start small, start
slow. An entirely zero waste life can be a daunting goal, but what if we could
all make small steps in just one room of our home? Today's podcast guest is Max
La Manna, a zero waste vegan chef and voice for low impact living through small
changes every single day.

Aileen and Max
explore spreading the message of zero waste and veganism through compassion,
how to manage your food waste responsibly, and foolproof ways to practice zero
waste living today.

In this episode we

  • 1:17 – Max's zero waste vegan chef journey: Being in love with the planet as a child
  • 4:18 – How to educate others share your message from a place of love and compassion
  • 7:24 – Action steps for zero waste cooking + Managing your food waste with composting
  • 13:56 – The danger of sending food to landfills VS. composting however we can
  • 17:20 – Start small, start slow: Easy, low-effort zero waste switches you can make one-by-one
  • 19:53 – Simple, vegan cooking: Minimal ingredients + How Max shops for groceries
  • 23:00 – Max's grand vision: International restaurants, schools, and a TV show
  • 24:26 – Q&A: Max's dream life, recommendations, life-changing habit, best received advice & favorite part about life


Show Notes:


  • My message is: Make one small change today so tomorrow can be a better world
  • Start small, start slow, and don't expect everything to change suddenly.

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