109: Discovering Self Love, Defining Success & Life as a Creator w/ Rowena Tsai

This episode's a highly-requested collaboration with YouTuber/creator Rowena Tsai! Rowena has her own channel on self care and productivity, and also Beauty Within: a beauty & lifestyle channel celebrating inner beauty and wellness.

Aileen and Rowena explore Rowena's escape from a dark and lonely place as a teenager, similar journeys in creating content in the self love and personal development space, and honoring yourself by being vulnerable.

And a special twist: Rowena turns the interview around to ask Aileen questions about letting go of control as a creator with a team, responding to criticism online, and more!

In this episode we explore:
  • 2:12 – Rowena's self love journey: Partying, experiencing loss, and the moment of ‘waking up'
  • 6:19 – How to step up and turn your life around + Rowena's advice for her younger self
  • 13:23 – Why aspiring YouTubers need a solid Why + Rowena's struggles with her own Why
  • 17:35 – Beauty Within: Bridging the gap between external beauty and everlasting beauty
  • 19:19 – What it looks like to balance TWO YouTube channels at the same time
  • 24:32 – Rowena's simple and gentle definition of what everyday success looks like
  • 26:47 – How to separate your sense of self worth from your productivity
  • 28:44 – Tips for perfectionists and procrastinators: Done is better than perfect.
  • 29:31 – The problem with trying to look put-together on the outside when you're feeling down
  • 31:37 – Younger Rowena's vision for a dream life VS. Current Rowena's dream life
  • 33:18 – Rowena's book recommendation, life-changing habit, best-received advice, and favorite part about life
Rowena asks Aileen:
  • 37:29 – What does it mean for you to live a meaningful and fulfilling life?
  • 40:11 – How do you make time to run your channel, podcast, and shop?
  • 42:10 – How did you learn to let go of control and trust your team?
  • 43:49 – How do you manage expectations you set for yourself?
  • 45:55 – What inspired you to decide to stop explaining yourself online?
Show notes:
  • Success is being able to go to sleep happy every day, content with who you are as a person.
  • You have the rest of your life to do better and be better.
  • If you block yourself off from being sad … you're depriving yourself from every other feeling.

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