177: A Holistic Healing Journey w/ Dana Croschere & Krisanna Sexton

“Our bodies are not our enemies.” Dana Croschere learned this lesson the hard way after years of dealing with chronic pain. She and her filmmaker partner Krisanna Sexton share their insights on the healing journey in the documentary Love Heals.

Love Heals follows the journey of Dana in her search for healing. She and Krisanna travel the country to understand how the ancient principle of energetic healing has helped so many heal, and to see what's possible for those experiencing these practices for the first time.

  • 2:26 — The divine timing of how Dana & Krisanna met (at a Christian church group)
  • 7:05 — All the medical interventions Dana went through to try to heal a simple gym injury
  • 17:15 — The missing link that finally clicked, allowing Dana to finally start healing
  • 21:57 — “Energy yoga”: What a Body + Brain practice actually looks and feels like
  • 25:25 — Why you need a holistic approach to emotional and physical health
  • 29:51 — Love Heals: Why it was so hard to make a documentary about healing
  • 44:45 — The power of detaching from the outcome of a healing journey
  • 49:11 — Advice for people in chronic pain, and for their support system
  • 54:11 — The universality of self love and self healing
Find Dana & Krisanna online:

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