178: Sound Healing & Spiritual Awakenings w/ Leeor Alexandra

Spiritual guide Leeor Alexandra returns to the show to share her wisdom on using sound for healing, self care, and awakening to a life of meaning. Leeor is a sound healer, breathwork practitioner, and hypnotherapist bringing people back to their innate self healing abilities.

Today, we talk about sound healing for beginners, the power of literally using your voice, making sense of your triggers, and more.

  • 1:50 — The divine nudges that led Leeor to becoming a spiritual guide
  • 7:31 — How Leeor healed her Bell’s palsy in two weeks + her favorite healing methods
  • 15:25 — The science of sound healing & synchronizing frequencies
  • 24:49 — Ways sound can be used to hurt, heal & manifest
  • 32:38 — How to make the most of a self healing session (for all modalities!)
  • 42:32 — What to do if you keep going through cycles of stress and anxiety
  • 45:52 — What Leeor’s life looked like before and after spiritual awakening
  • 47:05 — The beauty and peace of embracing a life of spirituality
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