187: Do Nothing, Live Freely & Manifest What Truly Matters w/ Simplifying Sam

Graduate, get a sh*tty job, and live paycheck-to-paycheck. Have you wondered “Is this all there is to life?” Samantha Chung shares how she discovered there’s more to life than sacrificing your body, mind, and spirit in a society that capitalizes on you feeling like you have no worth unless you prove otherwise.

As a mindset and manifestation expert, Sam breaks down why doing nothing is a rebellion against society, how to use the “yes, and” framework (especially if you hold resentment toward your parents), and how to start living fearfully and courageously.

  • 13:17 — Can you take spirituality too far? Is it another mask you’re putting on to feel worthy?
  • 17:07 — Want to rebel against capitalism? Start doing NOTHING.
  • 21:45 — How to stop trying to be an overachiever in everything you do
  • 25:31 — Why we’re the most depressed we’ve ever been in history
  • 27:26 — The shadow side of finally getting your physical manifestations
  • 35:26 — How to balance masculine and feminine energy while manifesting
  • 40:58 — Honoring your inner child, even through their trauma
  • 54: 51 — Say “Yes, and” to stop demonizing people in your life (including yourself)

How much do you really know about yourself?

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