255: How to Become Magnetic and Attract The Life You Desire with Amber Lyon

What was the last time you felt you truly attracted success, and what did that experience teach you? Magnetic coach Amber Lyon wants you to understand the power of a magnetic mindset and how it can transform your life. She encourages everyone to harness this mindset, as it not only brings about tangible successes but also enriches your life with a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Amber Lyon, creator of the Modern Mind wellness platform, is a Magnetic Mindset Coach and the author behind “You are a Magnet.” Originally from New Zealand, she ventured to New York City to chase her modeling dreams, eventually finding her calling in the field of wellness. Amber has helped hundreds of clients to create alignment between their dreams and their actions.




1:00 How Aileen’s affirmations inspired Amber
2:43 Amber’s background
7:22 Key message Amber shares through her platform
11:33 Tackling comparison challenges
16:34 Origin of Amber’s content style
20:58 The importance of being consistent
22:55 Valuing the present moment
26:47 Amber’s favourite quote
28:09 You are not your thoughts
31:05 Magnetic Mindset concept
36:54 Achieving dreams and reality alignment
38:26 Finding vision holders
43:13 Amber’s book and its core lesson
47:33 Writing journey
49:36 Human design insights
50:53 Meditation app
51:58 Lifestyle choices
56:06 Aileen selfcare practices
59:41 Final message


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