62: Volunteering Abroad & Finding Oneself w/ Kristen Noelle

Even if you're lost, you can relax and love where you are right now. Today's guest, Kristen Noelle, is the founder of Kay-Ten, a brand empowering women to find true beauty through self love and non-judgment. In this episode, Kristen and Aileen talk about lessons learned while volunteering abroad, juggling others' expectations and honoring oneself, and the magic that can happen when women support women.

In this episode we explore:
  • 1:38 – Kristen's journey to the Peace Corps in Armenia
  • 6:03 – Empowering a neighbor through friendship and yoga
  • 8:44 – How Armenia changed Kristen as a person
  • 11:11 – A depressing return to LA after over two years
  • 13:57 – The turning point in Kristen's depression – Allowing time to heal.
  • 17:43 – The inspiration and purpose behind Kay-Ten
  • 19:27 – Tips on growing self love + self worth – Be uncomfortable.
  • 22:43 – What Kristen's excited for now: More women helping women.
Show Notes
  • Looking for an empowering gift for yourself or for someone special for the holidays?
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  • Reading books and talking to myself was the best therapist that I had.
  • When women help each other out, you can literally create magic.

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