64: Becoming the Force w/ Daniel M. Jones

Are you passionate about mindfulness, consciousness, and loving others? The Church of Jediism has lessons that can get you pumped and put you at peace every day, whether you're a Star Wars fanatic or haven't even seen a single movie.

The Church's founder Daniel M. Jones is the author of international best-selling book Become the Force and award-winning video influencer at The Aspie World. Aileen and Daniel explore the origins of Jediism, the difference between loving and being loved, and how to channel the ‘bad' parts of yourself to change your own life and others'.

In this episode we explore:
  • 1:25 – Why and how to wake up feeling pumped about every day
  • 2:30 – Jediism as “Buddhism for the idiot”
  • 3:38 – What exactly “The Force” is + How to feel and share it
  • 7:01 – How “How I Met Your Mother” can motivate you to have positive thoughts
  • 8:06 – Daniel's path to founding the Church of Jediism
  • 12:19 – The best experience in creating the Church – Proving people wrong
  • 15:22 – Daniel's favorite topics from Become the Force – Controlling your emotions and managing your anger
  • 22:12 – The current message behind Aspie World – Autism can be a superpower.
  • 26:03 – A story about a 70 year old bodybuilder – Why “I'm too old” is not an excuse to stop trying.
Show Notes
  • If you go through life deflecting everything as it comes in to you, you become the monster you hate.
  • You can go out and love everybody in the world, but if nobody loves you back, then how is the heart judged?
  • Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it will elude you. If you busy yourself with other things, it will rest upon your shoulder.

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