68: Designing a Lifestyle of Minimalism, Veganism, and Travel w/ Jenny & David Mustard

If you’re waiting for “the moment” to know that you’ve “made it”, you’ll never find it. Today’s episode is a podcast first: Two guests…and they’re a couple! Through their YouTube channel and podcast, Jenny and David Mustard create quirky content related to lifestyle, veganism, and minimalism.

Aileen, Jenny, and David talk about starting a joint creative career as a couple, the years-long journey to finally be “living the dream”, and the number one reason you don’t have the creative lifestyle you want yet.

In this episode, we explore

1:26 – The beginnings of the Mustards – How Jenny and David met
4:07 – What it’s like to be a creative couple, both on and off camera
7:00 – Jenny and David’s experiences with veganism and minimalism
10:56 – Why the Mustards keep moving + The one place they won’t ever live in
14:12 – The quirkiness of finding your dream job – Failing a lot along the way
19:47 – A week in the life of the Mustards – How they keep consistent with creating
21:35 – Tips for creators: Know you won’t be good and get over it.
22:57 – How the Mustards deal with self doubt and confidence

Aileen was also featured on Jenny & David's podcast, The Mustards! Listen to their interview on zero waste here.

Show Notes
  • You have to fail so many times along the way.
  • There is no right or wrong way. Just create stuff.
  • Be okay with not being perfect.

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