71: Starting a Conscious Business w/ Dani Nagel

“It’s amazing to work for yourself, but it’s not fun to work by yourself.” Today’s guest, Dani Nagel, takes female entrepreneurship to the next level. She started her graphic design career at 19, with companies like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. Now she’s created Dazey, a community and brand empowering female entrepreneurs to create beautiful content.

Aileen and Dani explore the transition from corporate life to being your own boss, the behind-the-scenes of a slow fashion brand, and the value of creating a space by and for female entrepreneurs.

In this episode we explore:

1:27 – How Dani ended up designing for Urban Outfitters at 19 years old
4:35 – Dazey LA’s mission – Empowering female entrepreneurs and sharing women’s stories
7:05 – The rocky transition from corporate work to entrepreneurship
10:51 – Dani’s biggest lesson from starting Dazey – You don’t have to do it all alone.
14:18 – Behind the scenes of fast fashion + How Dazey is bringing slow fashion into style
18:42 – Feminism + Biz Babez – Why start create a co-working space just for women?
24:52 – What Dani wish she knew before starting Dazey – Start earlier.

Show Notes
  • It’s amazing to work for yourself, but it’s not fun to work by yourself.
  • I’m happy where I’m at, and if that was the journey it took to get there, awesome.

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